Spoiler Alert: it's basically "Don't be evil." with footnotes.

We will never give your email address to anyone.1

We will never spam you.2

  1. If you sign up to our newsletter, MailChimp handles the delivery and subscribing/unsubscribing. But they're good guys and also won't give your email address to anyone. You can view their privacy policy for yourself.

    Additionally, if you send us email (to support@improbablesciences.com) it may (or may not be) read by robotic advertising gremlins from Gmail and/or our customer support representitives.

    If you don't do either of those things, we don't have your email address, and are therefore incapable of giving it to anyone.

  2. If you signed up to the ScreenNinja newsletter, we will occasinally email you about new releases. If you want to unsubscribe, just click the unsubscribe link. It will do what it says.